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iMOOSE is intended as a general purpose application framework for the development of Finite Element solvers and related tools. It mainly focuses on electromagnetic problems arising from the design of electrical machines.

It is developed at the Department of Electrical Machines of Aachen University, Germany. The core and main applications are now released as open source software.


2003-11-03 iMOOSE-0.94 released

Release 0.94 is mainly a maintenance release, fixing small bugs especially in iMOOSE.trinity. A new filehandler based on a hypermesh format has been added to the kernel. Download

2003-05-28 iMOOSE-0.93 released

Release 0.93 of iMOOSE-src includes a new solver for 3D time-harmonic calculations (iMOOSE.harm3d), the usual bunch of bug fixes, and most importantly, an update of the source code to compile with gcc-3.3 and Qt3. This should solve many compilation problems on modern Linux distributions. Download

2003-02-18 iMOOSE-0.92 available

Yet another release of iMOOSE (source code). This is mainly a maintenance release, with quite a few bug-fixes. Also, the code is now gcc-3.2 friendly. Updated documentation and examples will follow soon. Download

2002-12-18 iMOOSE-0.91 available

Second release of iMOOSE (source code). We removed the "alpha" from the release name, as now most documentation is in place and the software is usable, although it is still to be considered beta. Download

  • Added documentation
  • Merged serial and parallel version of iMOOSE.stat3d in one directory. No more code duplicates...
  • It is now possible to use a starting solution for iMOOSE.stat3d
  • Translated source code comments to english
  • Added a tool to calculate rotor bar currents for induction machines when using iMOOSE.tsa2d
  • iMOOSE.trinity implements more functionalities for postprocessing, including a module for torque and force calculation with iMOOSE.stat3d

2002-09-12 First release of iMOOSE

We are proud to present the first release of iMOOSE. You can download the source package here.

For installation instructions see the included README and INSTALL text files.

2002-09-02 Alpha release scheduled for the end of september!

We are planning to release the alpha version of iMOOSE in the end of september 2002. This release will contain:

  • iMOOSE.statd3d, a static 3d nonlinear electromagnetic solver (parallel and sequential versions),
  • iMOOSE.stat2d, a static 2d nonlinear electromagnetic solver (parallel and sequential version),
  • iMOOSE.tsa2d, a transient 2d nonlinear electromagnetic solver with external circuits,
  • iMOOSE.trinity, the visualization and postprocessing program, and some utility programs.

This release is considered as an alpha release because not all documentation is in place. Instead we will provide some examples. Also the configure/autoconf system is still under heavy development.

In the meantime we refer you to the CVS version of iMOOSE.

2002-07-29 First upload of the sources to the cvs repository. Simultaneously, this (rather rudimentary) Page is launched. A more thorough description as well as examples and screen-shots will soon be presented, as well as a first release of the iMOOSE-Package.

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